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Profile Vehicles Oy installs Finnish, chemical-free disinfection technology in ambulances. LED Tailor Oy is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of blue light-based disinfection solutions.

Innovative photon disinfection based on blue light provides fast and efficient disinfection of basically any spaces. LED Tailor’s blue light system can be integrated into the own lighting of a space – in this case of an ambulance, and it can be controlled by vehicles CAN bus system. Disinfecting blue light equipment has already been installed e.g. to the new ambulances of the Central Finland Rescue Department and Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department.

“Hygiene requirements in healthcare are demanding, and high-quality disinfection of treatment facilities is in more and more significant role, tells Mr. Jari Nyrhinen, the principal chief in medical transport from the procurement department of the Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department. The blue light system has been in use in our cars approximately for six months now. We have been satisfied, the equipment has worked properly and flawlessly,” Jari Nyrhinen states.

Mr. Eino Laukkanen, design and development director of Profile Vehicles is enthusiastic about new innovations in the rescue technology field

“We want to be at the forefront of development and provide our customers with reliable and genuinely beneficial solutions. Blue light is an effective and important support for mechanical cleaning in ambulances and does not damage the exposed surfaces like UV-based methods do. Furthermore the disinfection can be carried out during the waiting time between the ambulances’ tasks. The blue light disinfection system can also be retrofitted to the vehicles”, says Eino Laukkanen.

Mr. Harri Rautio, the CEO of Led Tailor Oy is excited with the new partnership with Profile Vehicles

“Our disinfection system fits excellently with Profile Vehicles’ products. Automatic disinfection in ambulances eases the workload of first aid professionals and they are able to focus to their essential duties better. Furthermore the system not only improve the safety of the patients but the professionals as well. I am therefore very happy to make Profile Vehicles our newest partner among our previous OEM customers, who use our technology with their products, e.g. automatically disinfected operating room ventilation systems, cold rooms, meeting and retreat rooms, household appliances, cars and cruise ships”, tells Harri Rautio.

Demand for disinfection equipment is expected to continuously grow in the future. New environmentally friendly and user-friendly cleaning innovations are needed to support traditional methods and the blue light system answers to the need.

Santtu Keto
Sales director, Profile Vehicles Oy
tel +358 40 716 9525
email: santtu.keto(at)

Harri Rautio
CEO, LED Tailor Oy
tel +358 40 865 4072
email: harri.rautio(at)

Ville Repo has been appointed as the CEO of Profile Vehicles Group

Dear Customer and Partner,

Ville Repo (B. Eng.) has been appointed as the CEO of Profile Vehicles Group starting from September 7, 2020. Ville Repo’s appointment took place after his predecessor Marko Repo died of a sudden illness on September 1, 2020.

Ville Repo has worked at Profile Vehicles Oy since the beginning of 2015, first as a quality and production engineer and then as a production director, thereby he is already familiar with the Group’s personnel and operations.

Despite the exceptional and sad event that led to the appointment, Ville Repo takes up his new role with strong motivation and confidence.

”Grief landed in our company in September when my father, Profile Vehicles Group’s long-time CEO and main owner, Marko Repo, passed away. My father Marko did his life’s work for Profile. He greatly influenced the development of both Finnish and international first aid field and special vehicles. I look my father’s career and life’s work with pride and I am particularly honoured by the trust put in me with the  nomination as the CEO of Profile Group.

These exceptional circumstances has of course brought challenges, but I take them with confidence. I have a strong knowledge of the industry and I have worked in many different roles in our company. I know we will do well.

Our company values ​​are cooperation, development, commitment and quality. These values ​​are the foundation of our company’s operations and management procedures. I am surrounded by a multi-professional and strong Profile team as well as partners and stakeholders. Profile Group has clear goals for the future and a desire to develop and grow into an even better partner for emergency care and first aid professionals as well as authorities, both in Finland and globally. I want to be a strong contributor to the positive development of the industry and bring new innovations to the market through Profile’s products and services. At Profile, we are committed to a long-term and reliable partnership and work. Quality is identified by Two Stripes. ” (Ville Repo)

Ville Repo’s appointment decision was made unanimously among the company’s owners and the Board, according to Kalevi Hilli, Chairman of the Board of Profile Vehicles Oy.

”Ville Repo’s expertise, dedication and interest in the industry, as well as an understanding of the core  values ​​of a family-owned company, spoke unequivocally in favor of the appointment. In addition, Ville Repo, as one of the owners of the company, is naturally interested in continuously developing the company’s operations and taking care of good financial condition also in the future” says Hilli. “We will continue to be strong and remain at the forefront of the industry also in the future.”  (Kalevi Hilli)

Additional information due to the appointment:
Kalevi Hilli, Chairman of the Board
tel. 040 5511402

Sad news

Marko Repo, the long-term CEO and main owner of Profile Vehicles Oy, died of an attack of illness at home late Monday night.

Marko Repo was 51 years old. He did his life’s work for Profile. He has held various positions in the company and since 2000 as CEO. Under his leadership, Profile grew into an international and respected manufacturer of special vehicles.

“We remember Marko with deep gratitude. He was a far-sighted visionary and inspiring leader for whom Profile was a life mission. Both colleagues and business partners around the world miss his insight and charisma,” says Kalevi Hilli, Profile’s Chairman of the Board.

“On behalf of the board, owners and staff of Profile, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the grief of the family. We hope that the family will be granted peace in the grieving process.”

Ville Repo has been appointed as acting CEO of Profile.

Additional information:
Acting CEO Ville Repo, +358 44 721 7454
Chairman of the Board Kalevi Hilli, +358 40 551 1402

Santtu Keto as Sales Director

Santtu Keto will start as Sales Director in 1.4.2020. Santtu’s primarily responsible for managing and developing sales at the Profile Group level and as an expert between the parent company, subsidiaries, resellers and customers.

Santtu joined Profile as the Aftersales Manager in the summer of 2019. Santtu has extensive and diverse work experience in sales and aftersales  and management. Due to his previous roles, Santtu has a strong record in the field as well as readiness to operate in logistics and business. He has previously worked for eg. Service Manager at Volvo Finland AB, Truck Dealer at Veho Group and Kesko Oy, and Sales Director at Nordic Tank Oy.

Congratulations to Santtu on his new assignment as part of Profile team!

Ville Väyrynen as sales manager nordic

Ville Väyrynen starts as the Sales Manager Nordic in April 1st 2020. Ville is responsible for Profile’s Rescue sales in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) and responsible for managing and developing sales, and being a sales expert between Profile, resellers and customers in this area.

Ville joined Profile in 2014 and has previously worked at Profile as Product Manager in Sales and as Mechanical Engineer in Product Development. Ville has previously worked also at Nokia and Vapo Timber. Ville holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.

Congratulations to Ville on his new assignment as part of Profile team!


Arab Health exhibition is just around the corner. Come and see our newest innovations.

Profile’s open-air stand OS. B10 is located on front of the exhibition entrance gate. Our international sales team will tell more about our product offering introduced at the event. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE
Stand: OS.B10

Further information about the event:

Welcome to meet us!

Profile has received two new multisite quality certifications

We are proud to announce that Profile has received two new multisite quality certifications:

ISO 14001 Environmental standard
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard

Quality is one of our values ​​and is reflected in our daily operations, products and services.

A certified environmental management system demonstrates Profile’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. A certified occupational health and safety system demonstrates that Profile operates in compliance with all legal requirements. At Profile, we are committed to health and safety at work.