Profile Vehicles to supply high-quality Intensive Care Units to Germany

ICU ambulances delivered to Germany are designed and manufactured by Profile parent company in Iisalmi and hand over to the customer IVD Mitteldeutschlandille took place on Friday 24.2.2017. IVD Mitteldeutschland is a subsidiary of the German Red Cross, whose CEO Andreas Triftshäuser was inspecting and receiving the vehicles in Iisalmi. The German Red Cross is one of the largest German operator of prehospital emergency medical care. The company headquarters is located in Jena.

Intensive care ambulances are equipped on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Equipment is top notch, including treatment equipment and supplies required for all intensive care. These vehicles are to replace also some of the intensive care air transport. There is always three crew members on board, of which 1 is a medical specialist doctor and two special nurses. The vehicles can also transport particularly overweight patients – vehicle is equipped with tail lift. These vehicles will be driven approx. 1000 kilometers a day within Germany, but also in continental Europe.

"We are particularly proud that we are able to deliver our products to Germany, which, however, is a “homeland” of high-quality cars. The project has provided us with a demanding but positive challenge, because the quality and functional requirements are very high. The project required us a lot of engineering and manufacturing expertise – these skills are our strengths", says Profile's principal owner and CEO Marko Repo.

"We appreciate Profile´s expertise and quality. Also, product safety, ergonomics and hygiene are top notch. These special vehicles will be highly visible on German roads, and will play an important role in saving people's lives. I believe that our partnership with the Profile will continue in the future, "says Andreas Triftshäuser.