ProfileVehicles Oy

40 years of exellence

ProfileVehicles Oy

40 years of exellence

Profile is a Finnish and internationally known designer and manufacturer of ambulances & special vehicles. Profile product combines a long-term experience and knowledge of the industry, product development is based on customer-oriented design and technological excellence.

The actual history of the company began on 1982 in 1th September, when Iikori Ky was founded by Kosti Repo. Soon after Iikori became Finland’s largest ambulance manufacturer.

In 1990, the company began to use innovative ambulance modules in production and the most famous one was the original Profile special roof. According to customers, it created a new profile for the appearance of ambulances. That’s how Profile got its name.

We listen to you, your wishes and ideas. In Profile product, you will always get the forerunner of the industry and finest insights for emergency care, that improves safety, ergonomics and hygiene.

Our values

Cooperation, Continuous Improvement, Commitment and Quality, all these four are the pillars of Profile’s success story and they reflect the company’s values.


An important part of our success comes from cooperation between Profile company, business partners and customers. Cooperation with emergency care professionals are paramount of importance when we are designing and manufacturing a high-quality products that meets customer needs. Cooperation with Profile team and various parties enables to innovative product development, high-quality, professional production processes and a reliable partnerships.


Commitment to our work is our promise. We are committed to keeping our company product, services and standards up-to-date; we commit to the evolution of product innovation by seeking new ways and ideas to improve our offerings. Additionally, we are committed to comply with all applicable legal & other requirements relating to its quality, safety and environment management.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is one of the main operating models in our company. These approaches include three different aspects of sustainable development such as ecological, economic and social sustainability. Profile is the third in Europe who has been awarded with Green Lean Continuous Improvement Certificate. It means that our company is committed to follow high quality standards in every aspects.

Our responsibility to the global environment is very important to us. We have adopted the lean-method production model, with the goal to produce as little waste as possible. This also allows us operate the most efficiency way. We use the latest industry tools and manufacture our products using serial production methods that ensure high and uniform quality. We also take individual needs into account providing modular sets of options.


Quality is the cornerstone in Profile company. With quality comes the ability to provide the reliable and dependable tools that help our customers save lives. Profile uses high-quality management systems in every function and thesystems covers all of our products and operations. Profile has partnerships with well-known car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Company has several certificates for design and quality, for example ISO 9001:2015 for quality management. Our product development and functionality of operations are consistent with our quality standards.