– Starting off the year of celebrations –

Location: BUDAPEST – KISTARCSA, Hungary
Personnel: 83 professionals
Factory capacity : 250 vehicles yearly

Ten years ago, a man named Márton László called to the former CEO Marko Repo to inform that the Hungary’s Government First Aid Services, OMSZ, will have a tender coming up for around 200 ambulances. Repo realized the real potential in this and after thorough research and skilful negotiations, Profile won the tender and quickly started the ambulance production in Budapest. With the help of László, Profile was able to create a strong and trustworthy relationship with OMSZ and has been delivering all their ambulances ever since.

In addition, during these ten years Hungary’s factory has become crucial part of the Profile Vehicles group, producing most of the Profile Vehicles ambulances and special vehicles for the European markets. All the Profile units work closely together, over the country borders. This enables easy flow of the knowhow and guarantees the Group can improve continuously its processes in each Group unit.

10 Anniversary of Hungary factory on the 25th of March is the starting point of the Profile Vehicles’ year of celebrations. Profile’s subsidiary factory in Tallinn, Estonia, will celebrate its 20-year Anniversary in May and the Profile Group will celebrate the 40-year anniversary in September. Thereby the year 2022 will bring many reasons to celebrate, as we have many new innovations on the way as well, so stay tuned!

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Marko Repo and Marton László