Profile Vehicles Oy participated in a traditional way at the Arab Health Exhibition but this year was different and brought new and exciting news. The new Optimus ambulance built on Ford Transit chassis was introduced at Dubai’s Arab Health exhibition. The popularity of this streamlined and renewed ambulance was staggering. Many hundreds of people were fascinated by Optus, and no wonder, because this magnificent revelation is incomparable. Optimus is designed to be cost effective and reliable, not to mention its durability and versatility. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, Optimus offers a safe, spacious, and comfortable work environment that is easy to handle even in challenging situations. In addition, there are a number of useful modular features that you can choose from to suit your needs.


Profile Vehicles Oy would like to thank all the partners who helped us to be a part of Arab Health 2019 Exhibition. Above all, the greatest thanks go to knowledgeable Profile’s staff who works great together and makes it possible to create such stories as this one. Thank you.


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