Profile Vehicles Oy installs Finnish, chemical-free disinfection technology in ambulances. LED Tailor Oy is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of blue light-based disinfection solutions.

Innovative photon disinfection based on blue light provides fast and efficient disinfection of basically any spaces. LED Tailor’s blue light system can be integrated into the own lighting of a space – in this case of an ambulance, and it can be controlled by vehicles CAN bus system. Disinfecting blue light equipment has already been installed e.g. to the new ambulances of the Central Finland Rescue Department and Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department.

“Hygiene requirements in healthcare are demanding, and high-quality disinfection of treatment facilities is in more and more significant role, tells Mr. Jari Nyrhinen, the principal chief in medical transport from the procurement department of the Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department. The blue light system has been in use in our cars approximately for six months now. We have been satisfied, the equipment has worked properly and flawlessly,” Jari Nyrhinen states.

Mr. Eino Laukkanen, design and development director of Profile Vehicles is enthusiastic about new innovations in the rescue technology field

“We want to be at the forefront of development and provide our customers with reliable and genuinely beneficial solutions. Blue light is an effective and important support for mechanical cleaning in ambulances and does not damage the exposed surfaces like UV-based methods do. Furthermore the disinfection can be carried out during the waiting time between the ambulances’ tasks. The blue light disinfection system can also be retrofitted to the vehicles”, says Eino Laukkanen.

Mr. Harri Rautio, the CEO of Led Tailor Oy is excited with the new partnership with Profile Vehicles

“Our disinfection system fits excellently with Profile Vehicles’ products. Automatic disinfection in ambulances eases the workload of first aid professionals and they are able to focus to their essential duties better. Furthermore the system not only improve the safety of the patients but the professionals as well. I am therefore very happy to make Profile Vehicles our newest partner among our previous OEM customers, who use our technology with their products, e.g. automatically disinfected operating room ventilation systems, cold rooms, meeting and retreat rooms, household appliances, cars and cruise ships”, tells Harri Rautio.

Demand for disinfection equipment is expected to continuously grow in the future. New environmentally friendly and user-friendly cleaning innovations are needed to support traditional methods and the blue light system answers to the need.

Santtu Keto
Sales director, Profile Vehicles Oy
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Harri Rautio
CEO, LED Tailor Oy
tel +358 40 865 4072
email: harri.rautio(at)