Hygiene in the patient areas of ambulances is very important, both for patient and occupational safety. During the company’s 40-year history, one of the main focuses in ambulance designs has been the patient compartments hygiene. As a result from this, the DecoEco BlueLight decontamination system was developed to revolutionise the cleaning of work areas in patient compartment. DecoEco BlueLight integrates with the lighting in the treatment room and is extremely easy and effortless to use via the eCAN canbus system.

Profile DecoEco BlueLight is a pioneer in the field of cleaning solutions for ambulances and, especially now with virus like corona-19, this is even more important. The BlueLight system has been developed in collaboration with LedTailor, which provides blue light solutions for example for hospital operating theatres. This innovative solution is extremely safe to use and helps to ensure maximum cleanliness in a busy everyday life.

[image_with_text image="2746" title="Traditional disinfection"]Manual disinfection, carried out once a day, temporarily reduces microbial levels. As soon as people use the room, microbes start to grow.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text image="2747" title="Automatic and continuous blue light disinfection"]The blue light is always switched on when the room is not occupied. Microbial levels are constantly reduced and kept low.[/image_with_text]

Safe and effective

As shown in the diagram, regular use of BlueLight effectively prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, keeping their numbers consistently low. The system switches on automatically when the ambulance is not in use, effectively preventing the growth of bacterial strains, among other things. The system also requires no regular maintenance, making it highly cost-effective. The addition of a Nano coating to ambulance treatment rooms speeds up decontamination process of the patient compartment, which enables increase in ambulance occupancy rates.

BlueLight is proven to be effective against E-coli bacteria and significantly reduces the microbial count in as little as half an hour. Similar results have been achieved against SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A. More information and detailed results can be found here.

The DecoEco BlueLight decontamination system is starting to be standard for many customers with their new Profile ambulances, as the benefits speak for themselves. The system is hassle-free to use and increases both occupational and patient safety when used regularly. When the system prevents the first sickness absence or the spread of hospital germs, the system has already paid for itself. The cleaning method is safe for the user as the light is UV-free and no additional chemicals are needed. The DecoEco BlueLight has been widely praised by customers and it is a product that is firmly believed in at the company. The DecoEco BLueLight system is also easy to retrofit.

If you would like to know more about the BlueLight surface disinfection solution, please contact Santtu Keto (+358 40 716 9525 / who will gladly give you more information regarding benefits of BlueLight system.