Marko Repo, the long-term CEO and main owner of Profile Vehicles Oy, died of an attack of illness at home late Monday night.

Marko Repo was 51 years old. He did his life’s work for Profile. He has held various positions in the company and since 2000 as CEO. Under his leadership, Profile grew into an international and respected manufacturer of special vehicles.

“We remember Marko with deep gratitude. He was a far-sighted visionary and inspiring leader for whom Profile was a life mission. Both colleagues and business partners around the world miss his insight and charisma,” says Kalevi Hilli, Profile’s Chairman of the Board.

“On behalf of the board, owners and staff of Profile, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the grief of the family. We hope that the family will be granted peace in the grieving process.”

Ville Repo has been appointed as acting CEO of Profile.

Additional information:
Acting CEO Ville Repo, +358 44 721 7454
Chairman of the Board Kalevi Hilli, +358 40 551 1402