The book has been written about our CEO Marko Repo who is the main owner of Profile Vehicles Oy!

This stunning book deals with entrepreneurship, its positive and challenging aspects, and the highlights of Marko’s private life. The book is written by Marko Partanen and published by Myllylahti.

Reader’s comment:

The book is an honest story of entrepreneurship and its ups and downs over the years. I’ve known Marko for a long time and I appreciate him very much. After reading the book, my appreciation for Marko continued to rise. I recommend the book for everyone to read. I started to read the book and soon I noticed that it was already nighttime and I had read the whole book from cover to cover. The book is suitable for a wide range of people, especially those who are somehow familiar with the field of EMS. They are certainly interested in the book. However, the book is an entrepreneurial story, so it has something to give to both entrepreneurs and ordinary workers. It really tells the difficulties behind the success stories. But the book tells about perseverance, which is the way to rise and win every challenge which comes in the way. (CEO Toni Långström, Siikalatvan Sairaankuljetus Oy)